“Beer Guy” columns

The Once and Future Beer Guy

For about six years–roughly from 1996 to 2002–I wrote a weekly column about beer. It began in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, then was syndicated by Tribune Media. The syndication sounds grander than it proved in reality, though I was told that for a period I was the only writer in the U.S. producing a weekly column about beer for a mainstream newspaper.

Within the past year, I have returned to the saddle as the Beer Guy, currently writing every other week for the Times-Dispatch. Who woulda thunk? Well, the timing seems perfect, because the craft beer scene is bubbling like a fresh batch of wort.

When I began the columns, one of three promises I made was to have fun writing them so people would have fun reading them. Beer, though a serious beverage on many levels, should ultimately be fun.

It’s still fun, and I am continually impressed by the sense of community among brewers and those who enjoy good beer. I am in the process of updating this site to include current writings as well as past columns. I encourage feedback, plus I’d love for you to spend a few minutes looking at some of my other meanderings–as an outdoor writer, as a musician/songwriter, as a chronicler of my personal adventure through rock ‘n’ roll’s glory days, and just stuff.

Keep the faith.

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