This is the first public posting of some of my originals. A couple of years ago I started to take a more serious approach to songwriting, so I used time at my cabin in Earlysville to record some stuff. I have put together more than a dozen tunes and still working.

All the instruments, vocals, drum programming, recording, songwriting, warts and wrinkles are mine. So this is totally homegrown. But all rights are reserved–don’t rip me off!

One note: the song “Cancer” is dedicated to HMG, my older daughter, who fought the good fight, and to all who fight or have fought cancer.

Hope you enjoy. More coming.

Some Roads

To My Lovelorn Friend

Light Up Ahead lg

Love Me One Time

Flying in the Wind

hopes and dreams lg

To the valley lg

Cancer lg

it ain’t good lg

blue sky blues lg

Suburban Angst lg

Born Yesterday lg

Don’t Gimme No lg



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