Beer adventures

Last night I had one of the biggest beers ever–an Imperial Black IPA from Stone Brewing Co. More on that to come.

The Once and Future Beer Guy

2 Responses to Beer adventures

  1. beer budy says:

    OK you’ve had long enough to consider that black IPA lets have it. I say that as I enjoy a Samuel Smith Nut Brown ale at a perfect cellar temp. Had forgotten how good a brown ale it is.

    • admin says:

      Dude: The black IPA is a style I can seriously love–the complexity is super in the ones I’ve tried (Stone in particular). But it’s certainly not a session beer.
      Can’t argue with Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown. Isn’t it cool to rediscover a great beer that you haven’t drunk in a long while?
      I’ve acquired a taste for the Ranger IPA. I like the balance.
      Why don’t you steer Pat to this site and we can get a good beer dialogue going?

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