Roop celebrates Legend anniversary with style

With the whack of a hammer and a smack of the lips, Style Weekly editor-in-chief Jason Roop did his part to toast the 20th anniversary of Legend Brewing Co. last night.

Jason Roop, with the help of Legend's Aaron Sanders, taps a pin as part of Legend Brewing Co.'s 20th anniversary. Photo by Lee Graves

Jason Roop (left), with the help of Legend’s Aaron Sanders, taps a pin as part of Legend Brewing Co.’s 20th anniversary. Photo by Lee Graves

With the help of cellarman Aaron Sanders and Legend vice president Dave Gott, Roop concoted a unique brew by adding a variety of ingredients to Legend’s Belgian-style Winter White, a witbier.

Roop is one of several local luminaries who are tapping pins on the 20th of the month to celebrate Legend’s 20 years. November has special significance for him.

“I was born on Thanksgiving … so this is an ode to Thanksgiving,” he said as tasting glasses of the beer were distributed to friends, co-workers and patrons. “I asked readers for input on flavors, and somebody mentioned sage, and I wanted to do cranberry, so Dave [Gott] suggested using the Winter White, which already has orange flavors, zest and coriander.”

He added some crushed cinnamon sticks and nutmeg to complement the sage and orange zest. “Hopefully it all works together.”

Legend kicked off its yearlong anniversary observance with a festive tapping by Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Sept. 20. A Christmas Party is scheduled for Dec. 20, and a special collaboration with several brewers around the state is planned as part of the Urban Legend Series.

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