Beer and cheese and more!

Join Jay and me on the RVA Beer Show (97.3 WRIR-FM) as we talk with Maggie Bradshaw of Truckle Cheesemongers about pairing beer and cheese. Let her tell you which of her favorites is like “a party in your mouth.”

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I am a writer. And a musician/songwriter. And a husband/father. I love good beer, the outdoors, the embrace of family, the company of true friends, the telling of a good story and the inner peace derived from quiet reflection in solitude. Recently I have specialized in beer writing. My most recent adventure is "Virginia Beer: A Guide from Colonial Days to Craft's Golden Age" published fall 2018 by University of Virginia Press. In October 2014, "Richmond Beer: A History of Brewing in the River City" was published by History Press. "Charlottesville Beer: Brewing in Jefferson's Shadow," followed in January 2017. Send me an email at As you can see from this site, however, my interests are broader than beer. Spend time, leave a comment or just enjoy. Lee
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  1. Darrl says:

    Really enjoyed the piece on Leon Harris in the recent issue of “Craft Beer” (Apr/May 2018) I’m African American from the RVA area,and my friends and I enjoy craft beers and watching sports!, We enjoy the diversity of the beers,and have always felt welcomed in many of the brew pubs we’ve visited in Richmond,before after all customers equal money in the bank!. I think the craft brew scene is becoming more diverse as people discover the various beers and the tasting atmosphere that connects to it. Leon is a fine example of how this industry is beginning to open ended up to all. Although some Black brewer’s have had to deal with racism as seen in NC,with Black.Star Brewery in Virginia everything is looking up!. Take care,Darr L RVA.

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